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This medium... is a new medium, launched on 17th January, 2021 and inspired by the significance of the initiative launched by Jeremy Corbyn and known as the Project for Peace & Justice (PPJ).

Jeremy Corbyn's introductory address on the occasion can be accessed here

The decision to launch was taken by the Agence Presse Européenne (APE) Board to act as an independent medium to report on and analyse PPJ activities and propositions.

Although the subjects and significance of peace and justice occupied the mind of many social reformers over the centuries and, in particular, during and after the English Civil War when seminal constitutional propositions were made and documents were drafted by such constitutionalists as the Levellers. During and following the two last wars, these important topics were eagerly discussed an important topics of interest. However over the last 50 years have become sidelined to become insignificant topics in today's political agendas and priorities of politicians and the media in the United Kingdom.

However, today the need for rational and earnest agreement on the means to achieve peace and justice are more important today than before as we face a serious environmental challenge whose symptoms appear as climate change and, of late, the Covid-19 pandemic now with us for over a year. Both of these crises call for international collaboration based on the communication and sharing of factual information to eliminate misunderstanding and to maximize mutual trust upon which to base effective collaboration and peaceful coexistence.

Although most of the content of Corbynista will be based on the shared output of the PPJ, we will be scanning the main alternative media within the APE Network to enhance this with in depth complementary content, especially related to economics, sustainability and constitution. These will include constructive criticism and analysis with the underlying objective of seeking clarity, transparency and securing reliable evidence-based facts upon which to base useful proposals.

APE has helped establish several independent media and accepts the fact that it takes time for new media to find their niche as a significant contributor to national and international dialogues merging people with diverse interests and motivations. However, the objective is to increase the mutual understanding between people as participants in an exciting Project and to help readership organize themselves into effective groups and associations to bring about peaceful change and to raise the wellbeing of all.

Those organizing campaigns or online workshops in support of the PPJ can send their media releases to us and we will post them.

Anyone can contribute to Corbynista subject to an editorial moderation which has a preference for short constructive contributions sent in by email.

We will be posting terms and conditions on this site in a short time from now.

Editorial, 19th January, 2021

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Corbynista is an independent platform created to provide a medium for the sharing of analyses of ways to promote the much needed states of peace and justice inspired by the Project for Peace & Justice (PPJ) launched by Jeremy Corbyn on 17th January, 2021. Corbynista has no formal connection to the PPJ, or any political party in the United Kingdom or elsewhere in the world.