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Economic Briefs:

Number:001 - Why monetarism does not work

Number:002 - Why the purchasing power of wages fall

Number:003 - Technology, technique and real incomes

Notes in support of the Economics Briefs series:

Number:001 - The logic of inflation

This section is being updated and contains past briefs and access to leading edge information on several topics contribtuted by various people to provide relevant information on key issues.

Please note: we have changed the name of this section from Contributions to Resources because we want to share and make available the information for all to make use of as well as contribute to as a shared resource.

We have received a lot of proposed contributions that are not really suitable for this site and more suitable for social media chat sites. We need contributions that make identifiable value added to our funds of knowledge concerning the themes in question and that are likely to generate effort towards practical results to the benefit of the population of the United Kingdom.

We are consulting to establish a set of guidelines on what will and will not be accepted and above all the basic test will be whether or not contributions are evidence-based and also propose what seem to be practical propositions likely to secure desired results....

So far, we have had sight of summary proposed content and we have accepted the following topics which constitute very relevant original work from leading world experts who wish to support the transition to a world characterised by peace and justice for all. This work passes the litmus tests of "Is it practical?" and is it likely to produce "results?". As we prepare this content, which involves quite a bit of cross-referencing to evidence, these will be separated into web sections dealing with each topic. We aim to produce briefs which explain the specific mechanisms of cause and effect to promote understanding as well as help people shape their arguments, in support of any propositions, into transparent presentations. These include the following:
  1. How independent media can survive... relates to Len McCluskey's comments concerning failure to create effective representation of opposition positions in the UK media.

    • Note: We are working towards collaborating in the creation of an independendent medium (not this one!!) to achieve just this, based on models devised some time ago but never implemented. This will be a live demo and it will be interesting to observe its progress.

      Status: Expected posts beginning of March, 2021.

  2. Public choice... relates to Democratizing society, the issue of we are the many and, an undefined, they are the few ... will clarify the systemic issues creating disparity in incomes with the majority in the lower income segment.. this includes analysis of micro and macroeconomic issues related to regulations and policy... will contain proposals for breaking down the current barriers that prevent public participation in policy orientation and decision making.

    In internal discussions on what worked and what did not in the context of raising public awarness of successful welfare and socialist periods in the economic history of the United Kingdom we are developing two themes:

  3. Rational economic policies: This will provide some recent analysis on advances in economic theory and propositions that can be derived from this to shape more effective economic policies that have traction and can help the majority by reducing income disparity.

    Status: This is at an advanced state of preparation and we expect to post the first briefs by end of February 2021.

  4. People's syndicates: This section will report on movement to promote a form of collective support for very small economic initiatives and companies where there is currently a lack of union support. This will contain proposals for associated operations sharing best practice on productivity enhancing procedures linked to wages so as to begin to link "demand" in the economy to reasonable wages while sustaining company viability.

    Status: Likely posts beginning of March 2021.

    Introductions to these topics will be added very soon. In the meantime this recent article might be of interest:

    Untouchables, paupers and British socialism

    as an introduction to some of the issues.

  5. The environmental crisis:.. relates to the Green New Deal and to International Justice based on some advanced and hitherto unpublished work on the practical means of advancing beyond greenspeak and International conferences. After over 35 years of international conferences and 50 years since the publication of the Club of Rome's "The Limits of Growth" report in 1972, the 2019 Sustainable Development Report stated that income disparity continues to increase, sustainability is declining and temperature continue to rise. Our contributions will outline specific practical actions that can be applied throughout the world.

    Status: This is developing well but requires a structured content to help make transparent some rather complicated threads of cause and effect - postings probably December 2022.