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25th January, 2021.

This Project is an exciting initiative worthy of the attention and support of all, not only here in the United Kingdom, but worldwide. Very few political leaders have the courage to acknowledge many policy-induced problems and even fewer attempt to do something about it through policy design, propositions and practical actions.

We are thankful that Jeremy Corbyn has taken this initiative.

26th January, 2021

Jeremy Corbyn's involvement of a wider range of stakeholders all facing common problems is typical of someone who believes in grassroots politics. This way the suffocating controls and petty exclusions, so typical of political parties can be avoided. As a result focus and progress to practical and acceptable solutions can be reached in a shorter time. Jeremy Corbyn's ability delegate, placing trust in supporters is impressive. We hope this works out well.

20th April, 2021

Jeremy Corbyn's media speech was very impressive. There needs to be more effort to introduce ways to stop media content bias. The lack of media independence was very evident in the hatchet job they did on Jeremy as a leader of the party.

23rd April, 2021

The posted papers on economics need to receive a wider circulation because some of the content is not known to most economists; the content is quite original and logical. As someone with a degree in economics I have never read such clear analyses on topics where there is much confusion within the economics profession. Well done!

12th February, 2022

The British Strategic Review is an interesting document. It took a long time coming but congratulations for coming up with the original concept through the APEurope Corrrespondents' Pool.

14th February, 2022

Turk's review o the BSR is quite accurate but there is so much more in it. Much of the content is completley original analysis and previously unpublished. At first the relationship to Corbyn forming a party was not clear but now I see that the findings, in terms of analysis and policy can provide Corbyn's "movements" with some useful material to dwell on.

17th February, 2022

The latest section 3.2. on the Corbyn forming a political party is very interesting. I want to ask some questions concerning some of the diagrams which I have never seen before. Could you send me back a coordinate of someone to whom I can direct my questions? Thank you.

Just send them to us and we will pass them on to an appropriate person for reply- Editorial

17th February, 2022 have reported on Corbyn's joint delcaration with the Stop the War Coalition in very positive terms. The most interesting point is that think the PPJ and SWC are growing in membership while the Conservative and Labour party joint membership has fallen to below 1% of the total electorate. refers to them as "factions".

18th February, 2022

A newly-formed "Cambridge Economics Network" (CEN) will promote the policy solutions to be found in the BSR (Real Incomes Approach). CEN is setting up an email list for people interested in learning more, contributing and exploring theory and policy options. When I find their coordinates I will send them.

18th February, 2022

The analysis of why the Quantity Theory of Money is invalid in the Corbyn party section 3.2 is almost shocking. What on earth have these monetarists been dreamining about in taking decision based on such a useless formula? I find this series very useful for the rationale of arguments against the current policies and, above all, as demonstrated, it provides a transparent proof that policy favours a few asset holders and traders but disfavours the majority of wage earners. So we do need Corbynista policies for the many and not the few!!