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Source:, Leader: 24th May, 2021.

The degree of media bias can be observed by entering the words, "Jeremy Corbyn, News" in a search engine and what comes up is biased takes on snippets of news that cast Jeremy Corbyn in a negative light. For example, observe on the left a display provided by today's online Sky News of its "Jeremy Corbyn" section. This biased display is what is meant by lack of impartiality and over which the regulator, so-called, Ofcom, does little to correct.

On the other hand, Jeremy Corbyn has delivered a balanced speech entitled A Free Media for a Free Society. He, after all, has a personal experience of the unscrupulous capacity for UK media to exaggerate fictitious negative characteristics of individuals for ideological and partisan reasons and largely based on a fabrication of events and misrepresentation of the facts.

Corbyn has been and remains steadfast in maintaining his consistent track record of pursuing, by peaceful means, and without insulting anyone, a quest for truth and justice for the people of this country, including the establishment of a genuinely free press. In the meantime the media snear and continue to insult the public through their insistence on distortion of the facts. This overt scurrilous irresponsibility is an affront to the people of this country and it damages our democracy.

The shaping of the public perception through dishonest reporting is what gave impetus to the absurd manipulation by some within the Labour party not to act on complaints so as to permit the relatively small number of antisemitic complaints within the Labour party to fester and generate an image of delays to be blamed on Jeremy Corbyn. As soon as Corbyn had become aware of this state of affairs he replaced key people and things speeded up. However, one of the lesser acknowledged reasons for
What our "free press"
never told us....

targeting Corbyn was the fact that he had promised that in government Labour would recognize the State of Palestine. The other issue was that under Corbyn, Labour had questioned the very elaborate definition of antisemitism with respect to the growing tendency for anyone criticising the Apartheid Israeli regime being accused of being antisemitic. This fact was stifling open and honest discussion on the continuing occupation and dispossession of the people of Palestine by the Israeli regime. This and his lifelong consistent position of seeking justice for the people of Palestine were not in the interests of government of Israel whose government and diplomatic staff contributed to targeting him in an international campaign of "Get Corbyn" and a blatant interference in British politics by an alien state. This was ably supported by our "free press" and a minority of fanatics in the Labour party.

While almost everyone, in the increasingly woke environment, cow towed to the defective report issued by the EHRC, Jeremy Corbyn's reaction was completely rational in pointing out that the extent of antisemitism in the Labour party has been exaggerated for political reasons. Jeremy Corbyn stated no more than the facts but, of course, the media hid and continues to hide the facts. Keir Starmer, fearful of political assassination at the hands of the same fanatics, removed the whip from Corbyn demanding an apology from Corbyn for highlighting the facts; a quite perverse and cowardly decision.

The media, following the corrupt hacking scandal, wished to stop any police-media corruption investigation on issues exposed by the Levinson Enquiry. They pressured Mike Hancock into canceling the investigation, which he did; contrary to the interests of the public. The media has continued to resist any revival of this necessary investigation. The government has refused to proceeded with Levinson II.
What the Levinson Enquiry exposed...
It requires further investigation
to establish the role of the "free press"....

So the UK media, police and government were not too keen on the public finding out any more details on the type of corrupt practice of our "Free Press" such as those which surfaced during the Levinson Enquiry and illustrated on the right.

Far from the image the media promote for themselves, most are not acting as a 4th Estate to report the truth and to maintain vigilance over the acts of government in domestic and foreign affairs. As a result our media bias, public awareness and therefore public choice is impaired and political parties remain in fear of bad publicity. This is because they accept that the media does not offer a balanced review of facts but rather they follow the ideological fixations of their owners. The government remains under the influence of such media moguls.

This unfortunate level of bias corrupts the information the constituents of this country need to make informed and unbiased decisions; it corrodes UK democracy. One of the few politicians organizing to change this state of affairs is Jeremy Corbyn.

No wonder he continues to have such a bad press.