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This page will record our collabortative work on the development of propositions for change that will benefit the wellbeing of the majority.

Propositions index:

Proposition 1 - Economic policies;

Proposition 2 - Environmental/sustainability policies;

Proposition 3 - Public choice;

Proposition 3 - Sustainable independent media;

This section is in preparation... the decision to open this section was taken on 18th February 2021 and we expect to complete a short summary of current priorities on the economic policy front duting the week, 22-27 February, 2021. Watch this space! ;-)

Propositions will be handled by volunteers so please send in comments on any of the Economics Briefs, so we can begin to formulate a direction for development. All contributions should be sent in by email.

The initial work will be related to economic policy propositions. We don't know how many propositions we will end up with so we will apply a numbering system under each type of proposition. So economic propositions will all come under "Proposition:1" and proposition numbers added, linked to a short title indicating the objective of each one. So when we have the first economic policy proposition it will be identified as "Proposition:1.01".

We want to get going so, any one who has reviewed the Economics Briefs can email in their comments, criticisms, additions to:

All emails will receive an instant automatic confirmation of receipt and the we have set a 48 hour period for review to ensure acceptably civil content in contributions. Anything with personal attacks on anyone within forums or elsewhere will not be used. In accord with APEurope regulations we cannot censor or alter any content but are required to post everything received subject to limits on the length of contributions to facilitate management of content. The current arbitrary limit on email content has been set to 500 words. We will see how this works and will adjust according to practicality since we do not want to lose valuable contributions.

Be aware that in these forums content needs to refer to evidence or contain a transparent logic in support of anything proposed.